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About Us

Our story starts with the end consumer in mind. We provide solutions to ignored problems.

how clickandeasy started

A vision of the future

Clickandeasy.com was launched in 2016 by Finnish inventor Jukka Salonen, the same man who founded our parent company Bookit Oy in 1999. In the beginning Jukka saw a world ripe for innovation through use of the mobile devices that surrounded him. He set out to discover how he could improve everyday aspects of life at the touch of a button. He started the journey by setting out to use cell phones and mobile communications to solve problems he faced personally. His first major breakthrough was when he partnered with Finnair to launch the worlds first mobile airline check-in system. It was a major success that began to reveal to the world the mobile revolution that was to follow. Since then Jukka has worked with various other global companies to innovate their roadmaps toward creating more human focused services achieved through a utilizing a mobile ecosystem.

He has now amassed a patent portfolio with over 100 patents within his field of research and has seen his inventions adopted into mass markets and industries across the globe. His tech is behind major companies handling fraud prevention, digital security, fintech and consumer communications. Jukka says he and his team is not done innovating for the future. We have officially moved into the clickandeasy generation as a society, people have finally realized what his lives work has been dedicated towards and its paying off. The clickandeasy team has now expanded to the US and has offices in Helsinki Finland and Dallas Texas.

  • International Clients
  • Customer Service Outreach
  • Universal & Cross Platform
  • Conversational Commerce
  • Machine Learning Optimization
  • Predictive Data Analysis

The history of BookIT - Click&Easy's parent company

Bookit was founded in 1999 by Jukka Salonen to create new mobile relationships between companies and the growing world of the connected customer.

Bookit’s Mobile Engagement Platform orchestrates hundreds of thousands of smart messages, helping companies build engagement and mobile customer experience by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Today Bookit works with major global companies in logistics, travel, telecom, media and payment industries. Overall, Bookit has 20 employees in its offices located in Helsinki, Fi and Dallas, TX.

what is the clickandeasy generation

We live in it

The up and coming generation of consumers are used to the easiest, and most efficient experience possible. Access to any information in the world is just an easy click away. Anyone they want to contact is just an easy click away. Anything they want, whenever they want it, wherever they want it, is now just a single... easy... click... away. The mobile device has become the remote control to ones life. It is the gateway to the entire world and the clickandeasy generation knows this.

The service that provides the best experience, the fastest execution and the easiest process is the service that will win the future. A service that is clickandeasy is what will win the future.

what is the clickandeasy mission

Creating a more mobile friendly world

Mission Statement:
Business transactions on mobile should be easy and secure, but so many mobile transactions today fail to meet one or both of these objectives. We call ourselves Click and Easy because it is our mission to improve customer experiences through interactive engagement and transactions that are...you guessed it, "click and easy".  

the outcry for clickandeasy

Evidence of the clickandeasy generational impact

Supply Chain Brains discussion over the future of customer first solutions in logistics.

"SCB: What is the “personal supply chain?”

I look at it as an evolution, where digitization is empowering us as consumers to dominate the relationship with brands and retailers. We’re putting a lot more expectations on sellers. And that’s creating personalized supply chains for meeting our needs, especially when it comes to how things are delivered. It’s exploding the whole concept of one supply chain for everybody."

“Q&A: Introducing the 'Personal Supply Chain'.” SupplyChainBrain RSS, 16 July 2019, www.supplychainbrain.com/articles/29948-qa-introducing-the-personal-supply-chain.

SCB: There’s also a lot of talk about how retailers handle the last mile in a profitable manner, especially in the case of one-hour service or appointment deliveries.

Courtin: That's a massive challenge. I don't think there’s a single silver bullet for solving this. I do think you're going to see the aggregation of deliveries, as sellers trying to change buyers’ behavior. Yes, you might want that product within a day or hour, but maybe you're more flexible about where you receive it. The seller might convince you to pick up at a locker, in exchange for a $5 refund. Amazon is already starting to do that. Or pick up in store — the question is how do you incentivize the customer to jump on board with that?

“Q&A: Introducing the 'Personal Supply Chain'.” SupplyChainBrain RSS, 16 July 2019, www.supplychainbrain.com/articles/29948-qa-introducing-the-personal-supply-chain.

What is the clickandeasy vision

A future where you only need a cellphone

Our vision:
Our vision is that within the next decade, ecommerce will be highly personalized, engaging, easy, convenient, and secure. Dialogues and transactions started on one channel will seamlessly handoff to other channels delivering upon the goal of omni-channel customer service. Conversing and transacting with businesses should be easy and intuitive, private and secure, fast, and above all, highly personalized. Our vision is to bring about a better customer experience by integrating customers deep within the resource planning processes so that customer preferences, needs, and wishes are internalized deep into business processes, resource planning operations. In this way customer preferences can be known or predicted with great precision, not merely guessed, and the consumer's wishes become 'actionable' and 'operational'.  As e-commerce continues to grow at a fast clip and consumer expectations grow, customers will expect to engage directly with brands for better service. Welcome to the Click and Easy generation!

What is the clickandeasy story

A story the world has adopted

Our story:
Click and Easy is a rebrand of Bookit Oy, a Finnish pioneer in deeply integrated mobile messaging and mobile engagement since 1999.  But our name change is much more than a rebrand, it's a refocus, and a doubling down on our vision of business communications. We have been developing and integrating deeply popular customer-centric services since we introduced an easy mobile check-in and mobile boarding pass for Finnair back in 2004. We have integrated customer engagement into operations across banking and finance, insurance, energy, health care, emergency response, media, and many other industries.  Through almost two decades since the birth of the mobile revolution we have been developing and innovationing in the area of mobile engagement. Over that time, the market has matured and mobile engagement is more commonplace. Moreover, the vision of an omni-channel, conversational, contextual mobile engagement has become mainstream, but one that still represents more aspiration than reality. We have a long way to go.

How does a small company transform customer service

One industry at a time

We continue to serve and to value most preciously our existing customers in travel and transportation, energy, field-force operations, and other verticals with custom messaging solutions and services, and we continue to invest heavily in our support staff, IT, and messaging infrastructure such that no other provider could touch the level of support we now provide to customers of our premium messaging services and solutions.  But even as our current customer base is very diverse, and even as there are common needs that cross industry barriers, we see that in ecommerce and logistics space there is such overwhelming need for improved customer service, customer dialogue, and meaningful customer engagement that is not being met. Arguably nowhere is the need for customer-centric transformation greater than in ecommerce and logistics and in last-mile of service.  So it is here where we will now focus to bring about great improvements to the entire customer experience from purchase to payment, to receipt of goods, to ongoing customer support.  Want to upgrade your customer experience -- you will need to integrate the customer deep into your operations. Truth be told - that requires great care. We can help!

catching up to clickandeasy

The clickandeasy roadmap


Before the Beginning


Jukka Salonen uses his knowledge of the upcoming mobile dominated era, pulls from his past experience working at the largest telecom company in Finland, incorporates lessons learned from building his own tech sales company and recalls strategy he’s been exposed to in the U.S. to start Bookit Oy in Finland

The Growth


Bookit Oy grows to be one of the largest aggregator companies in Finland by volume. Orchestrating hundreds of thousands of messages between businesses and their consumers for companies around the EU.

Taking on the World


Bookit Oy decides to bring its technology across the pond, offering mobile technology services to American companies ripe for furthering their business operations in the new mobile dominated digital age.  Operating under the name Click&Easy in the U.S. we hope to grow to be one of the largest companies in providing business with the tools for better engagement with their customers.


Improve Customer Experience


To provide top Finnish businesses with a service that optimizes every outlet of customer experience in the digital age.



To expand our services and technology to the US marketplace to solve many of the problems we have already solved abroad.

Innovate For The Future

1999-Never stopping

The industry is starting to fill with services offering "Real-Time" tracking, messages or software in general. At Click&Easy we believe "Real-Time" is too late. We take pride in always being one step or one click ahead of real time... it's easy.