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About Us

Our story starts with the end consumer in mind. We provide solutions to ignored problems.

Click&Easy™ is a custom development start-up centered on logistics founded in 2016 by the same team who created Bookit Oy in 1999. We focus on creating & offering software to optimize business communication and consumer experience through  the use of predictive technology.

  • International Clients
  • Customer Service Outreach
  • Universal & Cross Platform
  • Conversational Commerce
  • Machine Learning Optimization
  • Predictive Data Analysis

The history of BookIT - Click&Easy's parent company

Bookit was founded in 1999 by Jukka Salonen to create new mobile relationships between companies and the growing world of the connected customer.

Bookit’s Mobile Engagement Platform orchestrates hundreds of thousands of smart messages, helping companies build engagement and mobile customer experience by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Today Bookit works with major global companies in logistics, travel, telecom, media and payment industries. Overall, Bookit has 20 employees in its offices located in Helsinki, Fi and Dallas, TX.