Post Nord
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The Nordic logistics company Postnord utilized our optimization solution for eliminating their last mile bottlenecks. This resulted in a whole new way of realizing an intuitive customer experience.

Conquering The Last Mile Time Crunch

Postnord adopted our service to optimize their last mile customer experience and route/scheduling optimization. Our service saved them crucial time and money in their last mile service by predicting delivery trends and increasing customer engagement and response.

Last Mile Features:

- Improved Customer Service

- Customer and logistics data analysis to optimize future operations

- Prevents missed deliveries by offering customers schedule times through SMS

- Decreased time spent in last mile delivery by 40%

In 2019 the Competive Advantage is a Happy Customer

Using our SMS outreach software, we give power to the customer to be able to choose the time that will be most convenient to them from optimal delivery times. This leads to satisfied customers who appreciate a company that is willing to work with their schedule. After delivery, we use our SMS software to reach out to customers with a survey asking about their experience. This gives customers a platform to voice their opinions and delivery experience, while also providing the business with valuable feedback to incorporate into future optimization and success.

75% Increase in positive feedback