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Proactive passenger services: mobile check-in, seat upgrades using loyalty points, & travel disruption alerts

Customer Benefits

Busy travelers often are too rushed to take advantage of Finnair upgrades available to them.   Rather than expecting customer's to go to the Finnair website, enter their flight information, authenticate themselves, and then search for upgrade offers, Finnair decided to proactively push seat upgrade options to the customer's mobile phone using our platform.

The customer receives an offer to upgrade to business class using loyalty points, and replies with a single letter to accept the offer.  We mediate the dialogue between the customer and Finnair's back-end systems so that the process is seamless for both Finnair as well as the customer.  The day of the flight, the customer receives the boarding pass directly to their phone and can skip check-in queues at the airport.

Finnair saw a 76% increase in service utilization after adopting our service software

Upgrade Sales

Finnair benefits by increasing sales of business class seats as well as from newly available seats opened up in coach.

Our predictive algorithms could pinpoint customers most qualified for an upgrade without cannibalizing sales or allowing for people to abuse the upgrade system. Taking into account passengers frequency of flights, accumulated miles, end destination and many more factors.

What we improved:

- Allowing mobile check in offered 24 hours in advance of the flight time cut down on the huge lines to check in at the airport. Creating an overall smooth and better airport check in experience.

- The time and cost to check in each customer was outrageous, something easily fixed after implementing our conversational commerce software.

- Increase of upgrade sales, we gave Finnair the opportunity to message specific customers eligible for seat upgrades.

- Mobile ticketing, customers now had copies of their tickets on mobile devices, something revolutionary at the time. Speeding up check-in and boarding process, with the convince of not having to keep up with a paper ticket.

Cutting Down On Costs

- After installing our service Finnair reported savings of 3.70$ per transaction

We focus not only on cutting down costs, but also increasing sales, leading to profit growth in multiple sectors. All at the expense of creating a better customer experience at every point of the travel process.