Case Study
The Challenge
CEO of Luottokunta estimated the total bank costs in re-issuing a payment card at 140€
The solution
Nets makes use of Bookit's iSMS plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides an interactive outreach channel for responding to suspicious transactions on the customer's account.
The outcome
- Up to 86% customer response rate to fraud alert messages by text message (Luottokunta /Nets)
June 2019
DHL, Nokia, clickandeasy
Fraud prevention through actionable transaction alerts, Microsoft Dynamics Plug In, Loyalty, & Mobile payment.

The Challenge
When a bank suspects fraudulent activity on a card, it stops access to the card until they can speak to a customer.  However, up to 90% of suspected fraud turn out to be false-positives, creating unnecessary card-blocks. Moreover, 1 of 20 customers can be reached by phone.

The Solution
If fraudulent activity is suspected the cardholder receives a text message from Nets with transactions details and is asked to confirm charges by replying with a single letter A to accept. Their identity and transaction is then either confirmed or denied depending on their response allowing immediate verification.

The Outcome
The solution has allowed the call center to cut costs, operate more efficiently, reduce false-positive account disruptions, and engage customers quickly to identify fraud on their accounts.
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