May 6, 2019

Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics Sucks

The last mile sucks because of the cost

The last mile sucks because of the missed deliveries

The last mile sucks because of the inefficient scheduling

The last mile sucks because of a lot of different reasons, but excuses are a dime a dozen and a customer doesn't care what the excuse is. They just know they didn’t receive what they ordered, when they wanted it & where they wanted it; and if your to blame… you suck. We don’t want you to suck, you don’t want to suck, no one wants to suck. We could feed you boring stats about the 39% of customers that file complaints and the 43% of those who then voice the suckiness of your company on social media. But who wants to see the depressing numbers of past complaints. Anyone in logistics knows the problems faced on the last mile, high costs, missed deliveries, inefficient routes/schedules, customer service. Blah Blah Blah projections this, stats that, *Percentage Here*. It’s time to look to the future of logistics, ecommerce and most importantly, the “LAST MILE”.

In our industry- numbers, stats, projections, strategies and the technology behind what makes the logistics world go round are very important. But to the rest of the world (the consumers) they don’t care what goes on behind the curtain. They want to click a button, send some numbers out of their account to someone else's, and then have a essential oil diffuser on their doorstep the next day at 5:00PM as soon as they’re home from hot yoga. Customers shouldn’t have to adjust their lives & schedules around being home when a company tells them to be. Remember the whole consumers expecting “what they ordered, when they wanted it & where they wanted it”(Me, 2 min ago), well that’s now the industry standard. A standard set by the wants and needs of consumers.

We recognized this trend years ago when we- BookIT gained Posti (Finland’s National Postal Service) as a client. We found that the key to a better service was giving a customer options and power in a process that they previously had no control over. Just by sending them a onmichannel i.e. email and SMS session managed dialogues with personalized simple to reply A or B or C options like available delivery times and redirection options. Posti’s customer response rates increased by 90%. Our service enabled Posti to provide a better experience for their customers, while also allowing them to optimize their deliveries, schedules and routes using customer response data. This led to more efficient schedules, a significant decrease in missed deliveries and an advantage over their competitors. All achieved just by providing a service that gives customers what they want, something that will make or break logistics companies in 2019.

There is a simple solution any Last Mile Logistics business can follow. Just give the customer what they want... A fast delivery, of a certain thing, at a certain time, at a certain place. Seems easy from their point of view, even though we know the more simple it seems to them, the harder it gets for us. However, the trick is to not let them know it’s hard, to make it seem simple. You must act as if the best and most efficient delivery was the only way all along.(Confucius, Something A.D.) Most logistics businesses have already begun trying to do this by implementing software allowing “Real Time” tracking, re-scheduling, messaging delivery options and much more fancy stuff. Yet even as these businesses continue to adopt these services, they will still be behind the growing rate of consumer demand and the growing rate of the worlds logistics market as a whole.

When I say it’s time to look to the future of the Last Mile, I speak for myself, BookIT and any business involved in Last Mile Logistics. The current need and future realization of Last Mile Logistics is providing the customer with what they want, before they even know they want it. Sounds a little familiar huh?*Cough *Cough, Steve Jobs. It only makes sense that if consumer wants are now setting the industry standard, that the logistics company who satisfies these wants before they even present themselves; is the company that will become the new trend setter of the industry standard. If you can predict the consumers wants, you can predict consumer trends, optimize operations, prepare for the future and become the new leading force in the logistics industry. It's time to implement solutions today that proactively solve tomorrow's problems.

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