March 27, 2020

Online food business needs automatically optimized delivery

If you ask a representative of a delivery company to organize a delivery on a 30-minute timeframe you usually receive the following arguments:

  • Delivery will become less efficient and more costly
  • Contacting customers is difficult and very expensive
  • The delivery route plan doesn’t necessarily occur as scheduled

Delivery companies want to maintain maximal flexibility when scheduling routes. The easiest way to do this is to reserve the longest possible time for the delivery.

However, from the customers point of view this is quite inconvenient. How many are actually willing to wait several hours for a package or a bag of groceries?

Especially with online grocery store deliveries it’s critical to get the goods delivered on the first attempt. Worst comes to worst; the grocery bags end up in trash, if the recipient is not reached. In general, 30% of the first attempt deliveries fail. With food deliveries, a failure rate of this magnitude would be a disaster.

Could delivery challenges be solved in a way that maintains the efficiency level and simultaneously increases customer satisfaction?

At Bookit we have done close co-operation with for instance Kauppahalli24 in the field of online grocery stores. Our new Bookit Delivery Optimizer -service combines the latest routing optimizing algorithm technology and Bookits communications system into one automated solution.

The service can be integrated into the check-out phase of online stores or it may be used a tool for delivery companies for route optimization and customer communication.

The service will be officially available in September and it will be launched together with the renewed online store of Kauppahalli24. Happy shopping!

September 08, 2017