April 26, 2019

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Medics24 offers occupational health care through online conference calls and chats with medical professionals. The goal here is to maintain the health of customers and create an overall increase in the productivity of health care functions. This process also lowers health care costs through empowering customers with the possibility of being in touch with a professional doctor or nurse within minutes. All without the limitations of having to schedule an appointment, commute to a physical location, wait in a line, then wait for a diagnosis and treatment.

Medics24 uses the patented iSMS® scheduling service by BookIT. This scheduling service provides users the opportunity to confirm suitable times for video call-based appointments, just by using one letter responses that only require a single click on users’ mobile phone. For Medics24 this provides the ability to optimize calendars by offering preferred time slots to customers and automatic updates to schedules using customer response data.

From Medics24 point of view: the service helps doctors to evenly fill their calendars and schedules. From a customer's point of view: the process is easy and flexible; one click reply to book a check-up, which can be especially convenient in more urgent situations. Mail Boxes Etc. uses the services of Medics24 and BookIT to enhance and speed up the entire process of occupational health care. All while medical personnel are provided the new ability to easily take care of a check-up, without needing any big arrangements, such as changes in shift lists or schedules.

BookIT is a high profile creator of customer experience and our company's mission is to optimize and enhance customer experience regardless of the industry. We do this by offering user-friendly services for timing of deliveries, travel tickets, bank/credit card confirmations, offers, scheduling and inquiries. BookIT’s services are used widely by global and domestic companies that operate in logistics, travel, financing and the public sector. BookIT has offices in Finland and the United States.

Medics24 is an internet-based health care service which allows its users to consult health care professionals through video calls or online chats. The service helps users avoid unnecessary waiting, travel, scheduling and expenses. All while getting quick and easy answers to their health problems. The nurse will prepare a treatment need assessment and the doctor a treatment plan, then if needed will send the patient to the laboratory, X-ray or MRI. The doctor also writes sick-leave certificates, receipts, prescriptions and gives answers to customers health problems.

Mail Boxes Etc. is an international franchising company specializing in logistics marketing and printing. They have an international network of over 1,500 offices, providing 1,500 access points to reach customers and companies around the world. Their global posting services range from small packets to pallets, micro warehousing, printing services, ink to printers, graphic design, marketing and business gifts.

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