March 27, 2020

When problem hits, is your boardroom a panic room or a control room

Any problem or crisis is threat to a company and the real test for actions between every stakeholder. In my experience, companies need still help and new innovations in preparing for the future challenges and to improve customer experience.

Companies must have understood the crisis measures by identifying small, potential everyday threats. What happens, if a minor electricity blackout occurs? What if company's communication networks are unstable?

During problems, the most important actions are gathering real-time information and prompt communication. In fact, it seems that those who are well prepared for problems are usually also the ones who seem to be able to avoid crises altogether. I think this boils down not only to preparation but also to the ability to get up-to-date information that helps avoid escalation of any emergency to a real crisis.

Continuity management and customer dialogue made easy with a Control Room solution

Everything really depends on how fast the company can get its key people to solve the problem.  Even the best laid plans might falter if information does not move right on time. All communications in any minor or major emergencies should be designed with two-way traffic in mind. Troubles arise if you cannot communicate quickly to your end customers, or if you are unable to quickly get feedback from them.  

Cloud-based Control Room solution provides easy and effective assistance in these situations. It gives a complete view to the working hours and working calendars. The solution will let you lead the situation and manage everything in real time.

It gives you the ability to send up-to-date information to customers and to have a direct discussion with end customers. For example, a customer may be asked if the fault is on, whether service is working or if the customer is in an emergency situation. The response will immediately be directed to the right expert and customer will receive immediate specialized assistance.

To Helen Electricity Network Ltd. Control Room is important foundation for they continuity control, says Ari Sipiläinen, Head of Network Operational Planning.

“The versatile solution that was supplied by Bookit efficiently replaced and integrated several operational systems into one solution. Now we can control our key activities much more efficiently, and best of all: the status information is available to management and other stakeholders in real-time.”

Would you like to manage your upcoming problems with style and improve your customer experience?

October 04, 2017