Mobile Pay

Text Message Marketing

The dynamic ClickandEasy experience is offered through omnichannel or SMS. The customer doesn't have to go through the inconvenience of creating an account online or navigating mobile sites or apps just to change an aspect of their delivery.

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Mobile Payments

All with one click and all dynamic. Allow upgrades along the purchasing/payment experience. Create incentives for customers to choose different payment options, allow cash-on-delivery to gain trust, or push sales upgrades.

Offer Upgrades

Offer upgrades to consumers such as dynamic delivery capabilities. The consumer could either save money or pay a small fee to change delivery options to one of the given ranges through SMS.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Present your services with style
  • Give the consumer more freedom

With 24/7 Support

Typically, around 80% customer service load results from routine inquiries. Moreover, customers feel annoyed for having to queue to call centers. Adopt ClickandEasy's multichannel communications solutions to improve your customer experience and to focus resources on incidents that require personal contact.

You Can Now Enjoy ClickandEasy's
Best Features

Our iSMS BillPay Solution allows customers to pay bills instantly and securely through any mobile device.  It's so simple and convenient for the customer that it takes less than ten seconds. The customer simply reviews the balance on their invoice and replies with a single letter text message to authorize payment. The positive payment experience eliminates the hassles, service disruptions, and fees associated with late payments. As a service provider, you get paid quicker improving cash flow while reducing mailing costs, outbound collections, and inbound customer service calls.

  • Secure Payment
  • Done In Seconds
  • Dynamic Responses
  • Cuts Down Costs
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Achieved in One Click