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Last Mile Logistics

Optimize logistics operations & provide a better service to customers

Better deliveries, Better customer experience

We take pride in being the first company to offer dynamic last mile logistics deliveries based off of user data gained through actually contacting the consumer through their mobile device. Allow your customers to choose delivery time slots, change their delivery and have a voice. All while improving your margins and providing a better customer experience.

Texting to schedule delivery

Our logistics routing software we call the "Optimizer" allows any company to integrate customer data gained through SMS messaging into their vehicle routing systems.

Just text your customer with the most cost effective time slots then use their response to update the delivery. This saves the supply chain time and money while also giving the customer a better experience.

Don't think it can be done?

How it works

We're more visual learners and we know innovation is not always easy to explain. Thats why we let our parent company BookIT take over to explain the magic behind the curtain.

Features of our optimizer

Optimize (of course)

We take into account logistics routes, high traffic times/zones, customer input
and cost effective scheduling. All in order to optimize the most effective
delivery time slots and options for customers. We provided our logistics client
Postnord with a 40% decrease in time spent delivering as well
as 75% increase in positive customer feedback.


Proactive and optimized last mile delivery SMS messaging
offers the right personalized options, at the right time. All
accomplished with simple 1-click customer response
experiences; resulting in an average
90% response rate to confirm delivery & time.

Dynamic Routes

We create custom API keys, which are used to collect
parcel data, delivery status, event triggers, feedback
and orders. Our technology has provided our
current clients with over
30% Last Mile cost reduction.

Customer Service
Administration Reporting

According to global research 43% of customers have had a negative delivery experience.

We believe in businesses empowering and enlightening their customers, for an overall more inclusive and positive experience. Along with initial scheduling, customers can choose to receive intelligent
notifications of order confirmation, order status, parcel tracking or just any updates you might wish to enlighten them with.

We also offer the option of sending your customers automated surveys,
showing their input matters and granting the opportunity to immediately gauge
customer satisfaction.

Customer Data Archive

Our software finds, checks and verifies delivery details to ensure coordination on both ends. Depending on customer habits and previous deliveries, customer profiles can be built to further optimize routes & schedules. We also use customer delivery preferences to offer personalized delivery options.

Own the last mile

Be a leader in logistics innovation. Provide the best customer experience possible. Find and eliminate route inefficiencies. Excel in the areas of the logistics industry where others are not even present yet. All options made possible using our dynamic supply chain management systems and knowledge transfer relationships.