Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction using mobile payments, mobile marketing, and mobile upgrades

How to utilize mobile solutions to improve revenue and customer experience?

Mobile technology offers plenty of opportunities for eCommerce, but what is critical for being successful? It is a customer-centric and easy customer experience. ClickandEasy provides a large portfolio of solutions that address challenges for easy-to-use mobile marketing, mobile payments and transactions, customer communications, and home deliveries. Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction with our secure solutions!

The perfect last mile delivery experience

Provide a better
customer experience

Allow upgrades along the supply chain, create incentives
for customers to choose different delivery times or locations,
allow cash-on-delivery to gain trust or push sales incentive.


Multiple customer touch points are critical when selling online. Every message, every mobile touchpoint can be integrated to your customer data, order handling, enterprise resource management, booking system or stand-alone app. This service leads to an average
15% increase in mobile customers.


Secure remote payment using our SMSpayment software.
Now the entire experience of ordering something online
can all be handled through ClickandEasy seamless mobile
stack. Nokian Tyres adoption of our service brought
the company a 20% increase in sales.

Payment Plans

partnering with fellow startup allows
us the ability to offer end users payment plans.
Now no matter the cost or expense dialogue can
be created between a company and end users
around the pricing and affordability of any product
or service. Reoccuring payments can easily be set
up through SMS dialogue. Whether its a monthly
bill or a family get away can handle it.

How to utilize mobile solutions to improve revenue and customer experience?

Last-mile deliveries are a major challenge in eCommerce. For webstores and brands, problems in the last mile pose a constant risk of damage to the reputation and customer loyalty. ClickandEasy offers you mobile solutions that ensure a perfect last mile and an excellent customer experience. Communicate with the customers.

Finnish eCommerce grocery store saves money by delivery optimization

By optimizing delivery slots the Finnish eCommerce grocery store Kauppahalli24 saves money in last mile expenses. When different customers in different locations buy groceries the deliveries slots and routes are automatically generated to optimize fleet utilization. As a result, Kauppahalli24 needs less vans and reduces their mileage, and enables to deliver even more.

Savings in delivery expenses

Mobile BillPay

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