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iSMS Manager -

Powering the Mobile Moment

what is isms manager

Shared intelligence between all channels

Merchant & Service

Webshops, Auctions,
Logistic partners


Payment cards
Payment processors
Loyalty programs
System partners

Devices, Channels,



Online reporting
Campaign management
Data Analytics

  • Consumers order goods increasingly via
    eCommerce providers
  • Consumers are increasingly demanding
    same or next day deliveries
  • Consumers are expecting first class service
    tailored to fit their busy life style
  • E-commerce and Last mile delivery service
    providers are struggling to keep their costs
    low while still providing fast and tailored service
  • Our solution to this challenge is secure,
    conversational communication avenue to
    not only cater for the needs
    but also predict them

Competitive advantages
for the enterprise

- Standard API interface to support integration to other systems

- Stand out from competition with first class service

- Know what your customers want – engage them in a conversation to ask his choices

- Offer the customer proactively choices from which to choose

- Opportunity for additional sales

- Reach any consumer with a mobile phone, any service provider
- Easy and reliable

Benefit for
the end-user

- Experience of being heard and served

- Added convenience of receiving the service
of own choice

- Easy: one-click principle to choose the most
suitable choice for the need

- No downloads, no updates


- Any service provider who has desire to improve their customer experience by offering choices, giving specific instructions or asking feedback with minimum own effort

- Last mile delivery/pick up operators who want to stand out with excellent customer service by offering alternative delivery/pick up locations or times.

- Commerce operator who has desire to improve their customer experience by proactively offering choices, add-on sales or asking for feedback with minimum effort.


- Tieto
- Veikkaus
- Vattenfall
- Metsä Group
- MarvaMedia
- Finnair
- Ceska Post
- K-Caara
- Jimm’s PC -store
- Partial.ly
- Golfpiste
- Viestilehdet Oy
- Kaleva Oy
- Liedon Kunta

Road Map/solution testing

- Solution is readily available for demo
and test runs with customer specific
sample data

- Pilot operation and customer specific
fine tuning upon request