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The Last Mile on the First Attempt

what is the optimizer

Intelligent routes using customer dialogue

Cost heat map: Blue = low cost Red = high cost

Improve customer satisfaction
and control of last mile delivery

Ability for customers to select specific delivery times or slots
by receiving personalized delivery options already during
purchase process and before the first deliver attempt.

Optimize first and last mile performance

Optimize first and last mile costs and performance with
dynamic planning and clustering. Offer optimized,
personalized and accurate delivery time windows and
other options i.e. closest pick up points with high response
rates before the first delivery attempt. Customers can confirm
that they will be at home or can make changes on delivery times
or reroute orders to an alternative address i.e. PUDO before the
first delivery attempt.

Create new sources of revenue

Additional revenue from timely mobile offers of delivery
upgrades and other additional services, for example setup
and installation services including payment

Description of the solution

• First- and last- mile challenges account for approximately 40% of costs
• Static planning does not work well in a dynamic environment
• Dynamic delivery clustering combined with the right customer offers fully optimises
usage of resources
• Less kilometers, stops and additional delivery attempts frees resources for additional deliveries
• Less claims and calls to the call center related to delivery issues

what are the benefits?

Better customer experience, better margins

Competitive advantages
for the enterprise

- 90% Increase in confirmed delivery times

- 60% Reduction in svc center calls

- 60% Increase in redirections

- 30% Reduction of costs

- Proactive additional service offers

- Standard API interface to support
integration into other systems

- Optimized delivery routes and van
usage based on customers delivery
time of choice

- Graphical user interface to monitor
and evaluate routing

- Analysis tools to evaluate performance

Benefit for
the end-user

- Improved transparency

- Improved first delivery attempt success rate

- Personalized redirection options

- Easy: one-click principal to reply

- No downloads, no updates


- Last mile delivery operators who want to
stand out with excellent customer service

- Delivery operators of time sensitive goods
such as groceries or prescription medicines

- Last mile delivery operators of congested
city centers where delivery traffic is limited
or under threat of becoming limited

- Any delivery/pick up/service operator who
deals with timely restricted windows of
operations with multi stop routes

of operations

- First pilot operations started
in summer 2019

Road Map/solution

- Solution is readily available for demo
and test runs with customer specific
sample data

- Pilot operation and customer specific
fine tuning upon request