ClickandEasy Solutions

Create the ultimate customer experience by having the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time and place

Mobile Moments and the Mobile Engagement Lifecycle– Acquire, Retain, and Grow

Sales & Marketing


Customer Engagement

Text Message Marketing

Engage customers with timely offers that they can accept and even pay for by simply responding Y to an interactive text message.

Mobile Payments

Enable customers to securely verify transaction details and authorise payments remotely (and out-of-band) using our tokenised SMS payments.

Customer Experience

Create timely and relevant mobile moments that proactively offer customers what they need when they need it. Goals: seamless user experience, better customer service, and more revenue.

Sales-Lead Alerts &
Lead Nurture

Jump on inbound leads instantly and ensure that no leads are dropped in the process.


Cost effective dispatch of field workers – drivers, doctors, emergency personnel, technicians.

Satisfaction Surveys

Get detailed feedback from customers to improve service delivery or simply provide a net-promotor-score survey to get the customer's pulse.

Mobile Omni-Channel

Reaching the right people at the right time, whatever the channel.

Parcel Delivery Scheduling

Say goodbye to missed deliveries

Interactive Security Alerts

Protect customers with intelligent automation

Offer Upgrades (upselling)

Engage customers with timely upgrade offers

Time critical transactions

Verify and Authorize any transaction

Appointment Scheduling
and Reminders

Verify and Authorize any transaction

Industry Specific Solutions –
Real-Time Customer Engagement Use Cases


Easily integrate interactive mobile communications workflows into logistics operations and backend systems with our middleware. Improve data visibility with custom dashboards.

Rail Travel

Streamline and automate boarding pass delivery by automatically sending boarding passes to customers several hours prior to boarding.

Banking & Financial Services

Interactive alerts keep users in better control of their finances and reduce operational costs. Great use cases include interactive- fraud alerts, overdraft alerts, and out-of-band purchase verification with integrated 2FA.

Improved Last Mile /
Parcel Delivery

Engage customers for better coordination of time, place, and details for delivery and drastically reduce the total number of missed delivery attempts.

Air Travel

Streamlined mobile check-in and boarding-pass delivery eliminate long queues at the airport and create additional up-sell opportunities such as seat upgrade offers.


From account security, through order delivery, through customer service and returns – our solutions offer improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Media & Subscriptions

Make it easy for customers to renew subscriptions with 1-click order renewal.


From car sharing, to car rental, to car
sales. Check out our success cases!

Emergency Alerts /
Mass Notifications

Two-way, interactive text messaging improves mass communication capabilities during natural disasters and large-scale disruptions to service.

Cloud Communications -
Interactive SMS, Core Platform Features

Our strength is in developing highly-custom strategies and mobile communications implementations that are tailored to the operational workflows and back-end systems of each customer. Our messaging platform provides a rich feature set which enables your business to implement real-time communications while all the complex engineering has already been completed on our cloud service platform and those resources made available to your applications via APIs. While each custom solution is unique, the following list includes some of the core functionalities and features that are already pre-built into our messaging platform.

Contextually-Aware Conversations

To maintain near-real time, contextually-driven conversation at a massive scale requires what IT professionals call ‘session management’ or ‘stateful sessions’.  Conversational tracking is the backbone of Bookit’s platform, and covered by extensive patents on innovations and development breakthroughs. We have enabled interactive two-way mobile interactions since the early 2000's, ensuring high performance for mission-critical communications such as mobile check-in and boarding-pass operations (Finnair), construction safety (Skanska), emergency communications (Finnish Foreign Ministry), fraud alerts, payment verification, and remote mobile payments (European payment processor, Nets), parcel delivery scheduling (Posti), and media (Rovio / Angry Birds). Contextual aware conversations can be supported by fixed rules, dynamic rules, or machine-learning algorithms depending on your use case.

Omni-channel Customer Engagement

Conversations with customers should easily transition from one channel to another.  Whether a customer is on the website, talking to an agent, or communicating by text, they expect the enterprise to have an updated view of them as a customer. Clickandeasy's proprietary solution from Bookit Oy enables seamless transition between SMS and other channels such as voice, web, and email.

Integrated Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

ClickandEasy goes beyond the delivery of one-time-passcodes. Two-factor authentication is baked into every user interaction without any extra effort from the user. ClickandEasy's backend system is powered by Bookit Oy uses their patented Dynamic Dialogue Matrix technology to assign unique transaction identifiers to every 'round-trip' message and reply.

Auto-Scaling and Mass Sending

Sending SMS across multiple countries across the globe and in mass quantities is hard. ClickandEasy's service is backed by Bookit Oy's seasoned ICT professionals. Our dedicated account support and ICT teams provides top notch service, backed by strong service-level-agreements to ensure your messages are sent and received. But not only is our team responsive, we are also proactive. Our engineering team monitors global message flows and adapts international routes intelligently, resolving most issues proactively without your team needing to be involved.

Managed Number Pool

Sending SMS usually requires a pool of numbers, not one single number.  As business grows, number pool management can require a dedicated team, but with ClickandEasy's messaging service supported by the team at Bookit Oy, we handle all your numbers and manage the pool intelligently so that you can focus on your core business and not complex ICT engineering.


SMS messages are easy to fake. So when the transaction at stake has tangible value, how do you trust any communication is actually coming from your customer and not a fraudulent party? Well, the answer is complicated, but don’t worry, we have you covered with our proprietary security solutions! Contact us directly if you need to dive deeper into the anti-spoofing measures in place on our platform.

Mediated Sender / Masked Sender / Anonymised Communications

Keep numbers anonymous between buyers-and-sellers, or between drivers-and-riders, or between hosts-and-guests. By bridging communications through a mediator, you maintain full visibility of communications, provide better privacy and security, and prevent exchanges from going “off-channel”.

Mobile Payments and Transactions

Customers can pay by credit card by replying with a single letter. All without transmitting any sensitive account credentials and with security features such as account tokenization and integrated two-factor-authentication.

CRM, ERP, and Call Center Integration

Our plugins make integration to Dynamics or Salesforce easy.

Advanced Opt-Out

Advanced Opt-OutCustomers want and deserve the ability to opt-in or opt-out of which messages they will receive.. Our interface gives you fine-tuned control over customer messaging so that you can better serve your customers.

Intelligent, Redundant Routing

Multiple delivery routes ensure messages are sent and received successfully and at lower cost.

Dedicated Ops Team

Our dedicated ops teams knows SMS and closely monitors traffic to ensure optimal performance.

Intelligent Messaging Concatenation

Ensure that messages longer than 160 characters up to 1600 characters are split into parts and successfully reconstructed in the correct order upon delivery.

Geo-match Destination

For outgoing messages, automatically match the originator ID from a pool of numbers in order to match the recipient’s country code or local area code

Masked-Sender ID / Anonymized Messages / Mediated Proxy Numbers

Proxy numbers provide a bridge between sender and receiver to track and route dialogues between customers and employees so that privacy of both parties is maintained.

Choice of Formats

Shortcodes, Loncodes, Ten Digit Originator Codes (10DLC)— our solutions work in any format you wish. Our team can explain the advantages of each and guide you through your choices.