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Own the last mile

Be a leader in logistics innovation. Provide the best customer experience possible. Find and eliminate route inefficiencies. Collect end user data. Interact and engage with your customers. Excel in the areas of the logistics industry where others are not even present yet. All options made possible using our dynamic supply chain management systems and knowledge transfer relationships.

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The Click&Easy solution to
stolen packages & missed deliveries

Our patented ISMS software allows your customers to choose between preferable home delivery time slots or to change the delivery entirely to a pick up point delivery; a growing trend, that also equates to an industry averaged 50% reduction in delivery cost. Implementation of our service has also proven to yield an average 50% increase in customer response rates averaged across our logistics partners. This means no chance for theft, no chance for a missed delivery, and every chance for a happy customer.

Jukka Salonen
Founder. BookIT Oy

How do we boast such a great CEM?

We're glad to share our process behind optimizing customer experience management within the last mile. Our process and philosophy can be found in our downloadable white paper below.

Client Success Stories

We believe in empowering businesses in every sector possible

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Why companies choose Click&Easy

4 Facts About Our Technology

We take pride in the results that our technology provides. Whether it's customer service, sales, cutting down costs etc. We let the numbers speak for themselves.


Increase in add on sales


Reactivation of lost customers


Cost Reduction


Mobile Customer Response Rate

The Mission


Before the Beggining


Jukka Salonen uses his knowledge of the upcoming mobile dominated era, pulls from his experience at Nokia, incorporates lessons learned from building his own tech sales company and recalls strategy he’s been exposed to in the U.S. to start Bookit Oy in Finland

The Growth


Bookit Oy grows to be one of the largest aggregator companies in Finland by volume. Orchestrating hundreds of thousands of messages between businesses and their consumers for companies around the EU.

Taking on the World


Bookit Oy decides to bring its technology across the pond, offering mobile technology services to American companies ripe for furthering their business operations in the new mobile dominated digital age.  Operating under the name Click&Easy in the U.S. we hope to grow to be one of the largest companies in providing business with the tools for better engagement with their customers.


Improve Customer Experience


To provide top Finnish businesses with a service that optimizes every outlet of customer experience in the digital age.



To expand our services and technology to the US marketplace to solve many of the problems we have already solved abroad.

Innovate For The Future

1999-Never stopping

The industry is starting to fill with services offering "Real-Time" tracking, messages or software in general. At Click&Easy we believe "Real-Time" is too late. We take pride in always being one step or one click ahead of real time... it's easy.