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What is clickandeasy?

clickandeasy is mobile commerce built for 2020

'Clickandeasy' articulates that mobile technology should engage and serve the customer while striving for simple, effective interactions. Our core belief is that the customer comes first, second, and third – every interaction must be designed to be proactive, engaging, assistive, and most of all easy.

What clickandeasy looks like

A better customer experience

Some things just make modern life easier...
like getting a smart text notifying you that your
driver has arrived...

Or getting a fraud alert from your
bank when there is an unusual transaction...

Or easy mobile payment that can be achieved
and verified in just one click or tap

We take these conveniences for granted. These are our new baseline expectations. How and when did this change? Actually, you can thank our founder and CEO Jukka Salonen. From Finnair's first easy mobile check-in, to car-sharing clubs in Helsinki, and interactive banking alerts -- we have been pioneers in bringing about easy mobile transactions and interactions.

It's more than just a message

Intelligence is in the air around you

Meet the mediator. Automate messaging transactions between business and consumers on any channel.
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how do we do it

Putting the customer first, second, and third

Ordering a package online

Problem: When a consumer orders goods online they only are given a few shipping options with no control over time of delivery.  The execution of the delivery is often cumbersome and inaccurate.

Deciding when you want it...
Where you want it...

Solution: Whether at the point of check out, or later through text interaction, a consumer is able to choose a time slot of when they would like to receive their package. With data being seamlessly integrated into existing TMS & VRS systems, package arrival is no longer just an output of the delivery equation, but instead an input.

better customer integration

Reach your customers whether you have an app or not

clickandeasy innovation

Innovation is what drives us

These coming years will be dominated by players who put customer centered solutions at the helm of their operations.  

Either wait to see what the future holds or just go ahead and build it...
create it
clickandeasy custom-BUILT

Tailor-Built, Data-Driven Solutions

At the core of our solutions is a mediator system that is tailored to your business. We designed our mobile engagement platform anticipate the customer needs. To learn as it gains more data and then to predict what form of engagement results in right offer at the right time. The end result is cost savings, optimised business processes and better customer experiences.
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4 Facts About Our Technology

We take pride in the results that our technology provides. Whether it's customer service, sales, cutting down costs etc. We let the numbers speak for themselves.


Increase in add on sales


Reactivation of lost customers


Cost Reduction


Mobile Customer Response Rate
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