We don't really sell "services" to customers. We share knowledge with our partners.

The knowledge also
happens to solve problems

We're glad to share our process behind optimizing customer experience management within the last mile. With the right technology creating the right offer at the right time, the customer is now in control of their own personal supply chain. Our knowledge and experience on customer integration & the orchestration of optimized processes in the last mile delivery space can be found in our downloadable white paper below.

Seemless Customer Integration

Customer Integration & Experience

Offer the best Customer Experience in the industry with our API's that integrate customer data gained through SMS straight into a TMS for dynamic routing capabilities.

Offer a premium service to customers allowing them to change their package destination or instructions after order or mid delivery.

Dynamically optimize first & last mile schedules down to time slots plans which any and all deliveries can fall into. Optimize usage of resources while offering specific times to customers.

The dynamic ClickandEasy experience is offered through omnichannel or SMS. The customer doesn't have to go through the inconvenience of creating an account online or navigating mobile sites or apps just to change an aspect of their delivery.

Better deliveries, Better customer experience

We take pride in being the first company to offer dynamic last mile logistics deliveries while the parcel is already in route. Actionable data is exposed by actually contacting the consumer through their mobile device. Allow your customers to choose delivery time slots, change their delivery and have a voice. All while improving your margins and providing a better customer experience.

Mobile Touchpoints

With dynamic delivery capabilities comes the changing of prices and costs. Instead of dealing with inconvenient billing systems or invoices, simply provide payment options through text.

With Omni-channel mobile touch points, your customer becomes the center of the optimization process. Send click conversation surveys to measure satisfaction or further incentives to increase the value of your offer.

A customer doesn't have to create some account they don't want to deal with just to be able to have a say in the delivery process or change one small aspect of a delivery.

With mobile pay capabilities comes the ability to negotiate deliveries with the customer. If a delivery to their area aligns with multiple happening in the same location the next day, offer an incentive to change their delivery back a day.

The transaction can now continue after the end of the order

With the change of a delivery comes the change of the cost. You can now pass on either costs or savings to your customers and allow them to pay over their mobile device. All with one click and all dynamic. Allow upgrades along the supply chain, create incentives for customers to choose different delivery times or locations, allow cash-on-delivery to gain trust or push sales incentive.